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Kevin Robbins
SRCC Director, Assoc. Professor (Geography and Anthropology), and Assoc. Director (LSU Hurricane Center)
Phone: (225) 578-1063
eMail: krobbins [at] srcc [dot] lsu [dot] edu

Luigi Romolo
Regional Climatologist, Asst. Professor - Research (Geography and Anthropology)
Phone: (225) 578-5021
eMail: lromolo [at] srcc [dot] lsu [dot] edu

Kyle Brehe
User Services Climatologist
Phone: (225) 578-5021
Fax: (225) 578-2912
eMail: kbrehe [at] srcc [dot] lsu [dot] edu

David Sathiaraj
Assoc. Director, Computing and Software Development
Asst. Professor - Research, Geography & Anthropology
Phone: (225) 578-4364
eMail: davids [at] srcc [dot] lsu [dot] edu

Yixin Luo
Systems Administrator
Phone: (225) 578-5026
eMail: yluo [at] srcc [dot] lsu [dot] edu

Malcolm Moreau
NWS Data Liaison
Phone: (225) 578-4722
eMail: moe [at] srcc [dot] lsu [dot] edu

Barry Keim
Louisiana State Climatologist and Professor (Geography and Anthropology)
Phone: (225) 578-6870
eMail: keim [at] lsu [dot] edu