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A summary of service fees charged for SRCC professional, automated, subscription, and on-line services.

Professional Service
Description Fee
Service Charge $12 minimum charged to all orders
Service Fee is in addition to all other listed charges.
Photocopy Services 1-10 pages included in Service Fee
$.25/page in excess of 10 copies
Fax Services $1/page
Rush Service
(delivery guaranteed within 24-hours)
$25 additional fee plus Priority Shipping, if applicable.
Super Rush Service
(delivery guaranteed within 2-hours)
$50 additional fee plus Priority Shipping or Fax Charges, if applicable.
Certification of Data
(Cover letter, only)
Specialized certification or certification of large data sets may incur additional charges at the SRCC's discretion.
Staff Services $50/hour
FedEx/UPS Shipping $10 minimum or total shipping cost
Digital Summary of the Day
Cooperative Observation Daily Data
$5/month or $10 for first year (all observed elements)
$10 additional charge for more than 1-year
$5 for each additional station
Digital Hourly Airways $10/month or $20/year
$5 for each additional year
Monthly Digital Data $5/station-element
$1 for each additional element
Hourly Data Printout (basic elements) $5/day
$1 for each additional day
Daily Data Printout (basic elements) $5/month or $10/year
$1 for each additional month or $5 for each additional year
Monthly Data Printout $5/station-element
$1 for each additional element
One Year Data Subscription (each element) $56 for first station
$7 for each additional station
  • This pricing schedule conforms with the Standard Pricing Schedule adopted by the Regional Climate Centers in conjunction with the National Climatic Data Center.
  • Products and services not specifically identified on this pricing schedule will be negotiated prior to the fulfillment of the service request.
  • At the discretion of the RCC, volume discounts may be applied to large orders.
  • RCC routine delivery is 1-2 working days.