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RCC climate service personnel provide routine consultation with customers to determine their needs for climate information - without charge. If information needs can be satisfied by climate products offered on our websites, you will be directed by the user service support staff to this information and can download the information at no cost. If the information needed is routinely available at our Federal sponsor agency, the National Center for Environmental Information (NCEI), you will be directed to NCEI climate service representatives. If you prefer to have the information prepared and sent to you by RCC climate service personnel, the following costs for services will be applied. A cost estimate will be provided to you prior to placing an order for these services.
Hourly rate for climate service support staff: $50/hr (minimum charge is $25)
Hourly rate for non climate service professional staff: $100/hr
Climate Data Certification: $25
Additional Charge for Rush Delivery (delivery within 24 hours of confirmation of order): $25
Additional Charge for "Super" Rush Delivery (delivery within 2 hours of confirmation of order): $50
Non-Internet Delivery Costs: Total delivery cost dependent on delivery method.

  • This pricing schedule conforms with the Standard Pricing Schedule adopted by the Regional Climate Centers in conjunction with the National Climatic Data Center.
  • Products and services not specifically identified on this pricing schedule will be negotiated prior to the fulfillment of the service request.
  • At the discretion of the RCC, volume discounts may be applied to large orders.
  • RCC routine delivery is 1-2 working days.