Services and Products Information

A brief overview of services and products offered by the SRCC

One of the missions of the SRCC is to provide climate data services to fulfill a wide range of applications. Our clientele includes insurance companies, attorneys, construction companies, state and federal government agencies, universities, consultants, and engineering firms. It is with feedback from our clientele that the SRCC has developed publicly and non-publicly accessible products derived from our data inventory to provide vital information and solve operational problems. Publicly accessible products are available from our website. You can obtain information including but not limited to drought monitors , tropical conditions , archived storm reports , and data from individual climate stations . This information will help you gain general information about the physical state of the atmosphere across the southern region of the United States. We also provide links to other websites that we think you will find useful to further describe physical features of the regional and national environment as well as links to educational resources about weather and climate.

Professional Services

If you are unable to find the information you are looking for on our website, the SRCC provides fee-based professional services, which may include:

  • A request for specific climatic information that cannot be readily found on public information servers, such as certified hourly data for trials, daily and monthly precipitation data for insurance or construction applications, or precipitation frequency analyses for design engineers.
  • A request for a data product delivered in a specific digital format for use in an analysis or management application, such as a ".csv" file to use as initialization data for an operational model or a software application.
  • Consultation with a climatologist to determine the best information that helps solve specific business problems.
  • Development of a climate data product that will be used on a recurring basis.
  • Applied research directed to a solution of a domain-specific problem.

Products that are available through SRCC professional services include but are not limited to:

  • Daily Precipitation Calendar
  • Daily Maximum and Minimum Temperature Calendar
  • Monthly f6 Report

For more information regarding the price of these and other products as well as payment options, see Full-Service Pricing. If you have any questions regarding your data needs and would like to contact an SRCC representative, please email Climate Services, or call 225-578-5022.
In addition to professional services, the SRCC offers subscription services. Subscription services are available on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis for customers that require a regularly delivered product for one or a set of stations. Subscriptions are delivered by email, fax, or regular mail on the 5th of each month for monthly subscribers. Weekly subscriptions are delivered on Monday morning. Daily subscriptions are delivered weekday mornings. Customers may choose as many stations as needed at the time of subscription activation, and may add stations at any time for additional cost. Subscribers will be charged an annual fee at the time of activation and will be given the opportunity to renew their subscription at the end of each calendar year. A one year subscription costs $56 for the first station, $7 for each additional station. To set up an annual subscription please contact Climate Services, or call 225-578-5022.

SRCC Data Product Sample Reports

(Click on an item to view a sample listing)

1) Daily Temperature Calendar
2) Daily Precipitation Calendar
3) Monthly f6 Report
4) Degree Day Sample
5) Station Summary Sample
6) Monthly Summary Sample
7) Precipitation History Summary Sample
8) Frost Statistics Summary Sample
9) Frost Summary Sample
10) Hourly Sample
11) Normals Sample
12) Precipitation Frequency Sample